Mining User Data with Google Sheets

Harnessing the power of the Full Contact API

Posted on July 7, 2015

The Full Contact API is able to provide a weatlth of information if provided with a list of emails. This was well documented by BuiltVisable. They describe how an Excel template can be used to pull all the social profiles available for individuals.

Unfortunately, for anyone on a Mac & Chromebook - the spreadsheet is unusable due to the macros only being compatable with excel on a PC machine.

Luckily I came across another template built in google spreadsheets by another developer which provides the same functionality. There were just 2 small minor issues I found with this template - firstly, it exceeded the API limits by making more than 60 requests per minute. Secondly, the row clearing function appeared to be causing errors. I made the small amendments to rectify these issues - and you can download the template here.

Here’s a preview of it in action:

Executing the spreadsheet script for full contact

Other alternatives to Full Contact API are also discussed on the Growth Hackers website.